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30% Lighter!

Lightweight is the most critical function for kids to have fun while riding. With the lightweight aluminum frame and front fork, Yotsuba Cycle ZERO series is 30% lighter than those common kids bikes. It will allow kids to control the bikes with ease, confidence and motivate to ride more

Right Size

Our bikes are designed for kid's geometry. Our bikes are set as low as possible so that which provides a much lower saddle height so shorter kids can touch the ground with their feet.

We also lowered the BB height so those beginners can move their legs without stress even with the saddle set to the lowest position.

In addition, each size of the bike is equipped with crankarms in the optimized length for each targeted age group


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Design for optimized Control

Feeling confident in speed control and having confidence in handling the bike comfortable is key. That is why we adopted thinner grips and shorter reach to brake levers giving kids better control of the bike allowing them to develop their skills faster. 

Chubby Tires

All of our bikes are equipped with little thicker tires that stay in balance even at a slower speed. It also provides a comfortable ride over any terrain. 

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